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Serious Games for Adolescents with Autism


March 17, 2020

The Senior Vice President for Research at Penn State University, Lora Weiss, announced that all face-to-face human subjects research that does not involve direct drug or device therapeutic benefit is to be postponed until further notice, effective March 15, 2020.   As a result, all of our lab-based research protocols are currently suspended. IF you are a research participant currently enrolled in the SAGA study, you will be hearing from us directly about next steps. IF you are interested in participating in SAGA, you can still complete the online screening form (see below) and we will let you know when we can see you in person.


The SAGA Project is an NIH-funded study under Dr. Suzy Scherf at the Penn State lab of Developmental Neuroscience. SAGA is a randomized clinical trial that uses serious game technology. The goal is to help develop social skills in adolescents with autism. 

After an initial visit at Penn State University Park, our participants take home a laptop and play our video game for three months. Families come back two times for testing.

See our Big10 live commercial here about SAGA game development!


SAGA Project




We are currently recruiting adolescents with autism

Ages 10-18

Parent and adolescent must come to the lab at Penn State University Park for 3 visits

Families earn up to $450 in compensation

Families will be compensated for all travel expenses



If you want to learn more about the SAGA Project or are interested in participating, 


email us at 


call us at



 Complete a confidential screening form to see if you or your child is eligible

The Lab of Developmental Neuroscience is Located on the 4th 

floor of the Moore Building at Penn State University

Moore Building

Pennsylvania State University

State College, PA

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